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A message from Caravana Furniture to you.

New year decoration

Another December is almost over.

As 2021 comes to a full circle, many people feel the need to reflect on the time that has passed and for the things to come. Things have certainly not been easy for the past couple of few years; however we feel that we can look at ourselves and think of all the difficulties we overcame and hope for a better future.

When we think of the past two years, we do not think of the stress of having delayed deliveries due to the global shortage. Instead, we think how patient and understanding people have been with us.

We do not think of the changes in our daily lives and routines but all the knowledge we earned on how to protect ourselves.

We want to focus on the positives of our life’s events. We made new friends, helped people furnish the homes of their dreams, saw past customers coming back to furnish their new home, a new room, or an upgrade to their existing furniture because their families grew. We learned to cherish the time we have with one another.

As this year fades away, we hope that the lessons we learned will stay with us and help us grow as people. We feel lucky because here at Caravan furniture, we are doing a profession we love by helping people realizing their dreams and creating their ideal homes.

We enter 2022 full of excitement, joy, and confidence. We are looking forward to meeting even more people, find the latest trends in design so we can create even more beautiful homes and spread happiness.

To all of you, our customers and friends, we wish that 2022 brings you health, prosperity and love.

Have a Happy New Year from our family to yours.

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