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Get This Look; Vintage-Inspired Bungalow Bedroom

Long Beach is a city full of history and character. So, it might not be too surprising to find out that it has a total of 18 historic districts! Each district is uniquely distinct and has its own story. However, something you mind find in common in each district is a style of architecture called Craftsman bungalow homes.

According to Cal Bungalow, a real estate agency based in Long Beach, between 1890 and 1940, Craftsman bungalow homes became exceptionally popular in the United States. Some typical characteristics of these homes include a low sloping roof, exposed beams, a porch, and more. In Long Beach, you can find these homes in the California Heights, Rose Park, and Bluff Heights Neighborhoods. Below, we’ve selected bedroom furniture inspired by this type of home. Although, keep in mind that all of our pieces are perfect for any type and style of home; vintage or not!

Dark Bronze Queen Metal Bed Frame


Classically delightful, this bed frame is crisp, clean, and full of curves. Impressively, it takes a vintage design and puts a modern twist on it. Thus, It will look best when paired with dark or neutral accents. Thanks to its steel tubing construction, it’s long-lasting and incredibly durable

White Vintage-Inspired Storage Bench

This white vintage-inspired storage bench is no doubt a charming piece. You can place it in a hallway, entryway, or near the foot of a bed. Open the hinged top and you will find hidden storage space for essentials. With its compact dimensions, it’s perfect for a tighter space.

Black Edison Style Table Lamp

The black metal base and frame of this black Edison-style table lamp is sleek and angular. The glass shade is cup-shaped and has a single socket for one light bulb. Ideal for a contemporary or industrial-style setting, it will make the perfect tableside companion. Most importantly, it helps revive a historical design.

Transitional Brown Cherry Dresser

This transitional brown cherry dresser takes inspiration from the past. Its bold and sturdy frame gives it a strong presence without being too overwhelming. Furthermore, it has six spacious dovetail drawers for all your storage needs. Besides a bedroom, you can place it in a corridor, study, or even a living room.

Transitional Brown Dresser

Solid Ivory Area Rug

With its neutral color palette, this rug will truly look good anywhere. Furthermore, it’s perfect for adding a soft touch to a room with a hard floor. This rug is both imported and handwoven. It also has no backing and is made of PET yarn. Spot clean only and limit its exposure to the elements including the rain and sun to prolong its life.

Antique White Rocking Chair


Love the classics? Then you will love this antique white rocking chair. Inspired by French and vintage design it’s the perfect chair for reading a good book or spending some time near the fireplace. It features stunning design details including cabriole front legs and a scalloped apron.

Floral-Inspired Wall Mirror

The intricate design of this floral-inspired wall mirror is visually stunning and will undoubtedly make a statement in your home. The antique white finish gives it a charming vintage-inspired aura that will complement a variety of settings and styles. Place this piece in a bedroom, entryway, or anywhere you need an accent piece that will instantly capture everyone’s attention.


We know we sell furniture and not houses. Regardless, we encourage you to take a walk through one of the neighborhoods mentioned above to marvel at the beautifully designed Craftsman bungalows of Long Beach. (P.S. you can also find Craftsman bungalows in Orange and Pasadena). Even if you don’t live in one, you can take a bit of inspiration from this style of architecture. Besides vintage-inspired items (like the ones above), you can also incorporate the earthy nature-inspired brown and green color palettes these homes are known for.

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