Going Green With Caravana Furniture

Go green with caravana furniture

Every day, the world exhausts the planet’s resources, further worsening the environmental state. But hope is not lost, we can all do our part to help lessen the damage. We can recycle, use sustainable products, and of course, purchase eco-friendly furniture. Caravana Furniture proudly carries various pieces that are made from sustainable or recycled resources. Read on below to learn more about such pieces.

What Is Eco-Friendly Furniture?

In a nutshell, eco-friendly furniture can mean two things; they are made from used or renewable sources. Thus, materials from old items are repurposed and recycled to make an entirely new product. In some cases though, it simply means that fewer resources are being used to leave a small carbon footprint. Here are even more benefits when it comes to purchasing eco-friendly furniture:

  • It reduces the number of toxins and chemicals going into the air 
  • Lessens the growth of landfills 
  • Prevents deforestation 
  • At times, eco-friendly furniture can be more affordable than regular furniture 

Interested in eco-friendly furniture? Below are a few of our well-beloved eco-friendly items that are currently in stock.

Light Brown Modern Farmhouse Dining Server

Made with reclaimed pine wood (meaning upcycled wood), this piece is both natural and distinct. It features a two-tone chevron pattern that makes this dining server visually spectacular. The best part? This piece is as functional as it is beautiful. It features two side doors with two adjustable shelves each. Two doors in the lower center open to reveal an adjustable shelf. Finally, two drawers wrap up the storage features of this enduring piece. By and large, this light brown modern farmhouse dining server is an earthy stunner.

Reclaimed Wood Lift-Top Coffee Table

Like the piece above, this coffee table is also made with upcycled wood. This means something old is made into something shiny and new just for you! The table’s split design features a lift-top on one side to use as a workspace or TV tray.

Likewise, a flat surface on the other side is perfect for decor purposes. Two deep drawers add some much-needed basic storage for remotes and more. With a matte black finish, the table’s ultra-modern metal base provides a striking contrast against the distressed gray shade.


Dark Brown Top-Grain Sofa & Loveseat

Dark Brown Top-Grain Accent Chair
Dreamy and timeless, this dark brown top-grain sofa and loveseat will create the perfect living space. Track arms and clean lines make it ideal for a modern and transitional style setting.


Impressively, both pieces are made with an eco-friendly down alternative called Trillium. Thus, it’s also hypoallergenic and animal-friendly. In short, this dark brown top-grain sofa and loveseat have plenty to offer any busy home. A matching chair is also available. 

Black & Antique Nutmeg C-Table

Compact and practical, this black & antique nutmeg C-table features an eco-friendly engineered veneer top. A distinct black metal stand pulls this piece together and offers sturdy support. The C-shape design makes it easy to pull into your sofa when you need a little more floor space. The natural wood-like pattern of the tabletop surfaces gives this piece an organic flair.


Remember that as we heal the planet, we also heal ourselves. We only have one earth and we all can do our part, no matter how small, to ensure its vitality and health. Recycle, reuse, and make a conscious decision to purchase more eco-friendly items to reduce your carbon footprint. This can mean purchasing items made from reclaimed wood or even used items. However you decide to make a difference, Caravana Furniture is wishing you all a Happy Earth Day!


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