How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table

Stop Bumping Your Knee: How To Find The Perfect Coffee Table

It’s happened to all of us, time and after time. We’re on our way to sink into our loving sofa when suddenly; BAM, our knees suffer a blow from an unforgiving coffee table. Luckily, there are solutions to such a dreadful problem and they are quite simple! All you have to do is find the perfect sized coffee table for your sectional and sofa chaise. Let’s discuss what this means for different sized sectionals:

For small sectionals: 

  • Try a round coffee table! This will give you more space and ease to walk towards your sectional without any knee pain. Most round coffee tables are 36 inches, a perfect size for small sectionals. If you’re looking for something that is more than just a pretty face, try a lift top coffee table. These not only provide you with a little extra storage but also a space for your drinks and snacks (yum!).
  • Another option is an ottoman. This is a more contemporary choice, but a timeless one the nonetheless. An ottoman is fashionable and soft (no sore knees here!). They can also be dual purpose and used for your storage needs. Trendy and useful; what’s not to love about that?
  • If you’re not feeling any of these two options, perhaps you’ll like a nesting table. Nesting tables are a versatile choice; they consist of a few tables that gradually get smaller so that they can be stacked on top of each other. There are several different style options and sizes suited for different tastes. However, if you have a small sectional, make sure that your nesting table is 31 inches! This will still give you and your knees enough space to get by.

For large sectionals: 

  • A 24 x 48 oval-shaped coffee table will do! This is the standard size, it’s not too big or too small. Notice the word “oval”; an oval-shaped coffee table has smooth rounded edges that won’t do you dirty like a rectangular-shaped table! There are no pointy edges, making it safe to walk towards your sectional.
  • Try a large ottoman. Again, this is not a choice for everyone, but it is a great way to be stylish and have a multipurpose piece! Rest your feet, or set down a tray with some drinks; a large ottoman offers plenty of storage space and more.
  • A final option is a large nesting table, 36 inches to be exact! Although you don’t get a storage option like the ottoman, nesting tables are a unique and exquisite choice for a coffee table. They provide plenty of table space, without taking too much room. They are a practical choice if you are looking for something that is functional and configurable.

There you have it, no more achy knees. Who would have thought the solution was so effortless and painless (pun intended!). Next time you’re on the hunt for a coffee table, make sure to keep things in mind! It all comes down to the size of your sectional, and your personal preference. There are so many different styles out there, that it should be relatively easy to find the perfect sized coffee table of your dreams. If you’re not in the market for a new coffee table just yet, but still want to stop bumping your knees, make sure your table is at least a foot away from your sectional!

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