How To Incorporate Color Into Your Home Office or Classroom

How To Incorporate Color Into Your Home Office or Classroom

Has your kitchen table turned into a temporary office? How about a classroom? Well, you’re not alone. Thousands of American employees and students are currently working and learning from home. Undoubtedly, this is a massive change from the stability of a workplace or classroom. However, there is a way to make this transition a little smoother and it’s very simple; incorporating color! Colors, whether we realize or not, stimulate our senses and evoke different emotions. Today, we will be talking about blue, green, and yellow, and how these colors can create a work and learning environment that is balanced and productive. 

  • Blue: In general, blue is a color that is associated with being calm. Think of the heavens or clear water and what these images bring forward in your mind. In the workplace, however, blue communicates dependability, productivity, and focus. In a classroom, blue is used extensively with blue ink pens and blue-lined paper. Does this mean you have to paint your entire room blue to get the dynamic benefits of this color? Of course not! Simply add small accents such as these ceramic orbs, blue curtains, or wall art like a painting or accent piece. Just by adding a small dose of this color, you are on your way to a focused environment. 
  • Green: For improved concentration, green is the way to go. This is a color we associate with nature, and nature represents peace and growth. Hence, the best and easiest way to incorporate green into our workspace or learning area is by adding plants. A few potted plants or nature-inspired wall art or room dividers will do the trick. This color is easy on the eyes and has anti-stress benefits that lead to improved focus for both workers and students alike. 
  • Yellow: Yellow is a color that exudes positivity and happiness. The sun is yellow and it just happens to radiate warmth and light. It makes us feel good and with good reason. It’s no surprise then that yellow stimulates mental activity and boosts creativity. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. You can use accent pieces and yellow vases. Using the vases, you can also incorporate greenery, thus killing two birds with one stone. Yellow is also a color that represents teamwork. This is perfect for both students and teachers who are learning and teaching from home for the very first time.

Using these colors on their own or together in your work or learning environment can positively influence you. Some increase productivity and focus, while others simply make you feel good. Of course, blue, green, and yellow are not the only colors out there. Red and orange, for example, can stimulate energy and creativity. As does pink (without the same intensity). White may sound boring, but it can tie together a room and complement every single color mentioned. Most importantly, adding color doesn’t have to be a risk. You can add color subtly and gradually using accent pieces, decor, plants, and more. 

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