President’s, Sales, and Desks, Oh My!

When we think of presidents, many images might come into our minds. American flags, the oval office, and oh, what about that big desk they are always pictured with? You know which one. It’s ornate, opulent, and downright historical. In honor of President’s Day, Caravana Furniture is going to give you a very brief history lesson, as well as share our own desks that will have you feeling very presidential. As an added bonus, we are currently having a 15% off sitewide sale on all full-priced items (including desks!), when you use code PD21 at checkout!

The Resolute Desk:

President Hayes

That big desk we’re talking about is none other than the Resolute Desk. In 1880, it was commissioned by Queen Victoria as a gift to President Rutherford B. Hayes. The wood for the desk came from a British Royal Navy ship called the HMS Resolute (thus the name). The HMS Resolute was trapped in Arctic ice for years after a failed expedition. To make a long story short, years later, an American ship found and excavated the ship. It eventually made its way back to Britain as a peace offering to Queen Victoria from President Rutherford B. Hayes. America and Britain had a tense relationship at the time; he thought it could help smooth things out and it did. When the ship was no longer fit for sea, Queen Victoria had three desks made. Two stayed in Britain, the third was sent to President Hayes and the rest, as they say, is history.

President’s, Sales, and Desks

Even if you’re not a president or a queen, you deserve your own resolute desk! Caravana Furniture can’t get you the actual desk of course, but we do have some excellent choices that can make up for that.

For a spacious work area, check out our 3 PC Cappuccino L-Shaped Computer Desk

This desk blends style and function! Here’s what else you need to know about it:

  • The 3 pieces include the main desk, corner piece, and a return
  • It features a keyboard tray and built-in computer stand
  • The L-shape is distinct and allows this piece to be tucked into a corner to save space


If you want to keep things tidy, you can’t go wrong with this Modern Computer Desk w/ Storage

Available in cappuccino or white, this desk has everything you need to work from home:

Modern Computer Desk w/ Storage

  • It includes one drawer, one file drawer, and a cabinet
  • You will also find a rectangular tabletop and a keyboard tray that’s ideal for a desktop computer
  • Two small shelves allow you to store books or electronics 

Small-space living? This White & Walnut Mid-Century Writing Desk is for you

With its compact dimensions and vintage aesthetic, this desk is a dreamy piece:

Modern Computer Desk w/ Storage in White

White & Walnut Mid-Century Writing Desk

  • For storage, it has one drawer and one cubby
  • Besides a small home or apartment, it’s also ideal for a youth’s bedroom
  • It combines both mid-century and contemporary elements

Our sitewide sale is happening now until the 21st. All of our categories and items (excluding clearance) qualify for 15% off! Caravana Furniture wishes you all a happy President’s Day!


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