Top 6 Facts About Memorial Day You Didn’t Know Before

While many see Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, It’s more than just a three-day weekend and an opportunity to soak up the sun. Every year, Memorial Day honors Americans who have sacrificed their lives for this country. Today, Caravana Furniture is going to delve into history to provide you with the top 6 facts we found about the patriotic holiday we celebrate on the last Monday of each May. 

1. Memorial Day began after the Civil War:

An estimated 620,000 soldiers died during the civil war resulting in the creation of the first national cemeteries as well as different rituals to honor the dead of both the Confederate and Union sides.

2.Memorial Day was first known as Decoration Day:

Some of these rituals included decorating the graves of fallen soldiers with wreaths, flowers, and flags. Thus how the name came to be. 

3. Why celebrate in May?

In 1868, General John A. Logan (the founder of a veterans group for Union soldiers) opted for the holiday to be observed at the end of May. This is because it didn’t fall on the anniversary of any battle but also because flowers would be blooming and be available to decorate the graves of soldiers.

4. The significance of Memorial Day has changed over time:

Originally, Memorial Day only honored those who died in the Civil War. However, after World War 1, Memorial Day came to honor all American had lost their lives in combat. In 1971, it became a federal holiday.

5. Arlington National Cemetery is bigger than you think:

With over 400,000 graves, Arlington Cemetery (a military cemetery) is about the size of 472 football fields or 624 acres! It also used to be the site of Confederate General Robert E Lee’s plantation.

6. The first Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was in 1868:

Over 5,000 people attended and future president James A. Garfield (who was a Civil War general) gave a speech on the importance of Memorial Day that was over two hours long!

Although Americans spend Memorial Day outdoors grilling or poolside, it’s important we take a moment to reflect on the origins of this holiday’s history. Caravana Furniture wants to thank all military personnel for their service. We wish everyone a wonderful three-day Memorial day weekend and honor those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom.

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