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Chests of Drawers

Take a look at our expansive inventory of chest of drawers. This versatile piece has it all. Likewise, it’s perfect if you need even more storage space in your bedroom, or don’t like the idea of having a dresser. On average, it has five drawers, but there are a few that have six or less than five if you need something that takes up less space. And of course, you’ll find that others have plenty more to offer! Some have hidden felt-lined drawers for jewelry and keepsakes, others have LED lights to light up your room.

If you need something on wheels for easy movement, we have that too! To put it simply; you will definitely find what you’re looking for here. Best of all, although we carry several classic brown or neutral-colored items that look good anywhere, we also have some with a little more pizzazz. We have a few that are finished in a champagne shade. For even more shine, some have glass-encrusted knobs or a beveled trim. If you love texture, take a look at our embossed chest of drawers (they will add a nice touch to any space!).

Who said chest of drawers have to be boring? This simple item can be placed anywhere within the home for storage, convenience, and style. Keep calm with one of our transitional or modern wooden drawers, or make a glam or contemporary statement. Love vintage? Then you’ll adore our mid-century pieces. The main word that will come to mind when you click on our inventory is variety.