Contemporary Recliner Seating

Looking for the best in contemporary recliners? You’ve come to the right place. We have a showroom displaying a few of our reclining options, or you can also browse the collection here. Plus, our team is available to provide personalized assistance to find the perfect recliner seats for your space.



Pick up a new rug or end table to pair with your new recliner seating!

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Recline in Style

Caravana Furniture is proud to offer the latest and greatest in recliner seats. While we do have options with the classic manual levers, pull tabs and power button reclining mechanisms make it so much easier to go from upright to your desired position.

Get Your Custom Recliner Seats

Here at Caravana Furniture, we have the right recliner seating for you. If you can’t find the exact contemporary recliner you want, you can customize your own.

Some of the more popular features of our reclining seats are LED lights, USB ports, and motorized reclining. Soft glowing LED lighting can be embedded right into your recliner, setting the mood just like at the movie theater. USB connectors allow you and your guests to never lose charge on your portable devices. For chairs that have motorized reclining systems, you can conveniently operate the chair with the touch of a button. This feature makes it easier for our customers with mobility limitations to take control.

Upgrade Your Reclining Game with Caravana Furniture

When you hear the word recliner, you probably picture grandpa’s brown recliner chair. But, at Caravana Furniture, you can get all the comforts of a recliner with the style of an up-to-date sofa. We carry the latest trends in style and function, such as a mid-century modern, glam, and transitional contemporary recliner seats.

Our variety of recliner seating styles and sizes will help you find the trendy, comfy recliner you didn’t even know you needed. Upgrade your contemporary living room furniture with a prime recliner from Caravana Furniture. Our amazing customer service team can help you find the perfect fit for your space.


What storage options do your recliners have?

Depending on the recliner option you select, there can be plenty of storage space in your stylish furniture. Center consoles are ideal for storing remote controls and also double as armrests. Cup holders are convenient to avoid spills; some of our cup holders even feature LED lighting so you can easily find your drink in the dark. All our options are designed with your convenience in mind.

What kind of recliners can I get?

We offer reclining chairs, loveseats, sofas, and sectionals. Explore each category for plenty of different options for recliner seats such as power recliners or even zero wall recliners. Zero wall recliners are great for small spaces because they can still recline even when close to the wall so you don’t have to place it awkwardly away from the wall and take up valuable floor space.

Are your recliners friendly for customers with mobility limitations?

Yes, we offer two types of recliners that work for those with mobility issues: power recliners and lift recliners. Power recliners have a motorized system to let you recline easily with the touch of a button either from a remote or a push pad in the chair itself. Lift recliners are similar, but offer the ability to support people getting out of the chair by slightly lifting up and forwards.