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Velvet & Nailhead Trim Futon


Oak Finish Futon Frame


Turquoise Mid-Century Sofa Bed


Microfiber Futon Sofa Bed


Tufted Black Leatherette Sofa Bed Futon


Black Leatherette Futon Sofa Bed


Brown Textured Velvet Sofa Bed Futon


Leatherette Pillow-Top Futon


Padded Leatherette Futon Sofa

Dark Brown

Brown Microfiber & Leatherette Futon


Modern Dark Brown Leatherette Futon Sofa


Mid-Century Modern Light Gray Futon Sofa


Transitional Pillow Top Sofa Futon


Contemporary Gray Pillow Top Sofa Futon


Contemporary Tufted Chenille Sofa Futon


Brown Mid-Century Inspired Tufted Sofa Futon


Gray Mid-Century Modern Sofa Futon


Tufted Black Leatherette Futon


Tufted Dark Brown Leatherette Futon


Tan Tufted Microfiber Futon


Tufted Brown Leatherette Futon


Modern Leatherette Futon


Brown Tufted Microfiber Futon


Button Tufted Mid-Century Modern Futon


Tufted Charcoal Gray Futon


Contemporary 2-Person Futon


Gray Button Tufted Mid-Century Modern Futon


Contemporary Tufted Futon


Modern Gray Tufted Futon


Modern Biscuit Back Futon


Weathered Oak Futon Frame


Contemporary Pillow-Top Futon


Tufted Black & White Futon


Contemporary Gray Velvet Futon


Tufted Charcoal Sofa Futon


Convertible Dark Gray Futon Sofa



You don’t need a lot of space to enjoy the benefits of a futon. This multifunctional piece is perfect for a variety of reasons and settings. If you have a small living space but need a place for overnight guests, a futon offers both a place to sit and sleep. The same goes if you live in a college dorm or need extra seating in your bedroom. All you have to do is lay the back flat and voila, you’ve got yourself a proper bed.

Of course, futons aren’t just functional, they are also a style statement. That is why Caravana Furniture is proud to offer an abundance of style and upholstery options in our inventory. Whatever you have in mind, chances are we have something like it. From faux leather to fabric, you’re sure to find one offering comfort and good looks. Likewise, we have our fair share of neutral-colored pieces but are glad to offer a few bold options for those looking for something that has a little more pizzazz.

We hope you find exactly what you’re looking for, if not make sure to give us a call or visit our showroom to see even more fabulous futons.