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A dresser is a stylish storage solution that will add the finishing touch to the bedroom. Most importantly, you’ll have plenty of space to store clothes, PJ’s, and more (especially if you have a smaller closet!). They help keep you organized, all while looking good. Caravana Furniture’s dressers are high-quality and superb. Some are simple with no frills, and others have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The majority of our wooden dressers have six drawers. However, you will find some with seven or nine for even more storage space. You might even find one with a cabinet door! Likewise, there are several different colors to choose from. There’s gray, black, cherry, silver, and more. Of course, there are also a few two-tone items that really know how to make a statement. Some might think that a dresser provides only function. Well, Caravana Furniture is here to dispel that rumor. We have a variety of different styles to offer. We have your simple brown wood dressers that will look good in any room. However, we also have some glamorous options that will add some sparkle that are available in champagne and silver.

How about those tricks I mentioned above? In some dressers, you’ll find hidden drawers. These are felt-lined and are perfect for discretely storing jewelry and keepsakes. One of our dressers even has LED lights (you’ll never have to worry about stumbling in the dark again). So whether you want something glam, rustic, or transitional, look no further than Caravana Furniture.