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The Best Way to Clean Glass Tables & Why They’re a Great Style Choice

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Among your many furniture options, a glass-top table may be one of the most versatile choices. Stylish and elegant, glass tables are perfect for mixing and matching with other materials, making them adaptable to all styles and spaces. They’re one of the top pieces of modern home furniture we suggest to customers looking to complete a room.

Yet, some people may be hesitant to bring a glass table into their home because they’re worried about maintaining them, wondering what goes into cleaning glass tables. There’s a misconception that glass is difficult to clean, but once you know the best way to clean glass, it may prove easier to clean than other materials. Plus, there are many reasons why glass tables are an excellent choice for even the most unique spaces. 

Glass Tables are a Great Style Choice

There’s no need to worry about how to clean glass tables, especially since they’re a great style choice for almost any space. First, glass tables instantly make a space feel more open and airy. Since they are transparent, glass tables help light filter through a room, opening it up to sunshine. 

Glass can also be made into more shapes and styles than other materials. Since it’s so malleable, you can find glass tables in square, oval, and even irregular shapes, among other options. Glass tables can sit on some inventive bases, including distressed wood or stone, to add uniqueness to a piece. Many modern coffee tables are made with colored, patterned, or opaque glass, adding visual interest. This versatility makes it an excellent match.

Glass tables are also environmentally friendly, with a lower carbon footprint than plastic, and relatively affordable compared to other materials. Most glass tables use tempered glass which means they’re stress and impact resistant—an ideal choice for modern dining room furniture. Finally, glass is resistant to humidity and moisture, and easier it’s to clean than wood or leather, making it the right choice for any climate. Once you know the best way to clean glass, it’s an easy decision to choose a glass-top table for your home.

Rubber gloves, sponges, and other cleaning supplies

Best Way to Clean Glass Tables

Like all modern home furniture, glass tables must be cleaned regularly to maintain their crisp appearance. However, learning how to clean glass tables is relatively easy and requires only two items: cleaner and something to wipe the table. From there, it’s a simple spray and swipe to keep your glass tables looking new. 


Best Cloths for Cleaning Glass Tables

The best way to clean glass is with a cloth that won’t scratch the surface. Opt for a microfiber cloth or even a crumpled piece of newspaper to ensure you won’t harm the surface. Microfiber towels are best as they’re also absorbent, ensuring you won’t leave moisture on the surface. Avoid using paper towels or anything that may leave residue on the surface. 

It’s ideal to clean your glass table with the blinds closed or in the evening so that your cleaner doesn’t dry up faster than you can wipe it. If you’d like a guaranteed steak-free surface, the best way to clean glass is with a squeegee. And don’t forget to clean the underside of the table as well as the top! To finish out, use a cotton swab around corners to get every last piece of debris or dirt. 


Best Cleaners to Maintain Your Glass Table

The most important thing to remember when cleaning glass tables is to avoid abrasive cleaners. Not only could cleaners with hash chemicals harm the glass, but they’re also not healthy for you or your family. The best way to clean glass tables is with a mild detergent mixed with warm water or a solution of one part vinegar and two parts water. Put one of these mixtures in a spray bottle and lightly spray the table’s surface. Wipe with the appropriate cloth, and you’ll get your table shining. If you see cloudiness on the table after cleaning, you may have a problem with hard water buildup. Simply use filtered water instead of tap water to correct the issue. 


Best Way to Clean Glass with Stains or Debris

No matter how well you try to keep them away, you may get stuck-on debris or stains on your table. The best way to clean glass with stuck-on debris is to spray the spot and use a cloth or a soft sponge to get it off the surface. Avoid scrub brushes or anything with bristles, as they can damage the surface. 

If you have an extra-stubborn stuck-on piece, the best way to clean glass is with baking soda and vinegar mixed with warm water, leaving it on the spot for a few hours. The baking soda and vinegar will react to break down the debris, making it easy for you to wipe away. Similarly, if a stain on your table isn’t wiping away, try non-gel toothpaste. The micro-abrasives in the toothpaste will be gentle enough to remove the stain without harming the glass. 

Small glass dining table set with fabric chairs

Keep Your Glass Table Scratch-Free

There are a few ways to prevent any issues with your glass tables. Glass tables are ideal for contemporary living room furniture since they are more resistant to heat and cold but still require coasters and trivets. Prolonged exposure to heat or cold can damage any furniture surface, so it’s best to keep anything very hot or cold from sitting on the glass surface for too long. 

Though glass is resistant to stress and impact, it can be damaged by sharp or extremely heavy objects. Avoid putting anything with an exposed, sharp edge on your glass table. Similarly, items that you wouldn’t want to hold in your hands for too long shouldn’t be put on the surface either. Large books and candles are okay, but heavy art pieces or weights shouldn’t be displayed on glass tables. 


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