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Caravana Tips for Buying the Best Sofa

A light living room of contemporary coastal style with a light grey sectional, white chair, and brown contemporary coastal table

Are you in the market for a new couch and wondering how to choose a sofa that will work best for you? Caravana Furniture, as the expert furniture source in Long Beach, can help you in the process of buying a sofa. Read below to explore our guide for finding the best sofa that you can buy, including four standout tips we recommend that you consider so you can secure the sofa of your dreams.

Consider Purpose & Usage

When you’re considering how to choose a sofa, you have to know what you’re really going to use it for. Is this going to be the couch for family movie nights? If so, you want to prioritize comfort and space. Are you looking for a sofa to put in the highly stylized front room of a trendy townhouse? You may instead want a loveseat with an upscale design.

Consider why you’re buying a sofa right now. Do you have a new space, a new life situation, or have you recognized that your current seating arrangement is insufficient? Honesty and clarity about what you’re looking for will help you choose the best sofa for you.

Your priorities through the purchasing process are also important. If ethical sourcing of materials or eco-friendliness are essentials for your sofa, make sure that you are considering only furniture companies that actively seek to go green.

Explore Sizing

Once you’re clear on what the couch will be for and how you can use it, you’re ready to explore sizing options to find the best sofa. This includes factoring in both the dimensions of the new piece of furniture and the size of the space where the couch will go. Evaluating the configuration of the sofa with those of the room will help you see what makes sense for your space.

Factor in Decor Styles and Design Schemes

Small living room with many plants and a small green sofa

After you know your size parameters for your new couch, you can factor in decor styles and design schemes to make sure you choose the best sofa for you. For an updated room, you’ll want to secure modern home furniture like a contemporary sectional sofa. For a cozy reading nook in a historic home, you’d probably want a vintage-inspired seat. If you aren’t sure what design scheme or decor style will make sense, get the support you need with assistance from interior designers or, better yet, from the furniture experts like us!

Determine the Right Fabric Type & Shade 

With a basic design chosen for buying a sofa, next it’s time to find the right type and shade for the fabric of your couch. Different fabrics make sense for different circumstances: a homeowner with plenty of pets and kids will need a couch with a sturdy fabric that is stain-resistant, while a retired antique collector will want a couch that matches their aesthetic and stays stiff even when rarely used.

Fabric shade is another important aspect. You can have two sofas identical in every other aspect, but the shade of the fabric can turn them into wildly different pieces. The same couch in bright blue will obviously not have the same effect as its counterpart in classic gray.

Secure the Sofa of Your Dreams

Black sectional couch with teal pillows in a living room with a wooden wall

Once you know what you’ll use your couch for, then you need to find the right size of couch in the right design scheme and with the right fabric. But what if you have everything in mind for buying a sofa but you aren’t able to find a piece that works? Don’t worry, you won’t have to compromise on getting the sofa of your dreams. If you can’t find the best sofa for you, you can make it with us.

At Caravana Furniture, we offer a full-service model for crafting custom sofas with an extra team. We even offer perks like free assembly and delivery, with dedicated personalized consultations according to your preferences. Reach out to us today to find your best sofa.

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